Serenity Spa...Our unique sense of fragance

Visit our Serenity Spa and pamper yourself with our aromatic oil, signature of Rose Geranium. These organic plants were grown, handpicked, extracted from the field in front of the premises. It was bottled & preserved for years. We find this perfect signature for our new development,
Serenity Spa...Our unique sense of fragrance.

Also experience our African culture's traditional ways of treatment. This is to be found in our Maize Scrub and the African Beat Massaging. The Ozone offers detoxification, relief in pain stress and muscle tension. It strengthens the immune system, increase body metabolism and well-known cure against cancer.

Serenity-Aroma Full Body
A full body massge with the use of essential oils to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate
Pamper tired feet, exfoliating of dry skin, massage, nail and cuticle care and nail colour
Back, neck/shoulders with a massage using traditional Swedish techniques
Ozone Therapy
A treatment in the ozone for stiff muscles, tiredness, flu and ultimate detoxification
Hot Stone Therapy
A pampering massage, using hot stones to bring about deep relaxation of the body and mind
Serenity Escape
A sensational hot stone and foot treatment to blow you into a relaxed mood
The African Beat
A combination of the Rungu and Bumba techniques making use of wooden dumbbells and ingredients from the African continent
Couples Journey
The serenity full body massage for 2 people including 2 cocktails and snacks on the deck
Back/Neck & Head Combo
A relaxing massage, concentrating on the pressure points. The ultimate in relieving stress.
Foot Soak & Massage
A 15min soak followed by a deep pressured

Maize Body Scrub
A full body scrub making use of African maize to remove all dryness and leave the skin silky and soft
Treat hands and forearms by exfoliating, a massage and a mask and end with choice of nail colour



Detox Package
A combination of ozone and stream sauna therapy for ultimate detox
Exfoliating scrub with detox oil serenity full body/foot massage
Fresh vegetable juice
Health platter

Relax Package
Serenity escape treatment
Hand massage
Glass of wine

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice*